Septic System Installation

Mytan Contracting is happy to announce that we now offer septic system installations. Through the completion of our septic system installation certificate, we are able to design, install, and certify new septic systems, as well as perform repairs and replacements on existing septic systems and residential water lines.

Water Drainage

Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any water drainage issues you may be experiencing. After first preforming an examination to determine the source of the issue, we will recommend a comprehensive solution that will not only effectively solve the drainage problem at hand but also prevent future drainage issues from occurring by installing a system to keep potential water accumulation away from your home.


Hydro-excavation is an effective method of removing or moving soil by utilizing hot, high-pressure water to loosen the soil and dig a hole. The excess material is then suctioned into a tank to be disposed of at a designated dump location. Hydro-excavation, also known as hydrovacing, causes significantly less mess than conventional drilling methods and is a much safer way to excavate around gas and service lines, posing little to no risk to buried utilities. Unlike other more traditional methods of excavation, hydrovacing can be done year-round. By utilizing hot water to aid the melting process, cold weather and frozen soil are non-issues.